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Digital Marketing Workshop for Ukrainian Refugees

iab austria is Austria’s most known digital marketing association representing more than 200 Austrian companies in the digital marketing ecosystem. Facing the fact that more and more Ukrainian citizens are seeking help in Austria, we offer a special remote cost-free workshop for Ukrainians that would like to work in an Austrian digital marketing company.

What’s the Digital Marketing Workshop All About?

Complementary to our partnership with „Austrian Jobs for Ukraine“ the Digital Marketing Workshop will provide Ukranian participants with basic knowledge of the Austrian media market as well as basic insights into digital marketing, campaign management, SEO, SEA and many other topics for free.

How can I participate?

The Digital Marketing Workshop is a remote cost-free workshop for Ukranian citizens. So please be sure to have access to a laptop/computer and internet. On 5 consecutive days our high-level trainers will teach you the most important key facts for a successful start in an Austrian digital marketing company. Each of the 2-4 hours long sessions will deal with a different digital marketing topic.

Please note that the workshop will only take place if at least 10 participants are joyning. Dates and more information will be provided shortly.

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In the first module you are going to learn some basics of digital marketing in general as well as many insights about the Austrian digital market. We will talk about the development of the market, advertising formats and recent trends. After this module you should be able to understand the potential and the market mechanism of digital advertising. The main goal is to gain an overview of the players, the methods and the size of the market.


Elemer Melik

Sales Team Manager Digital Advertising, willhaben.at

The module will be shortened from the original 8 hours to 2 hours and is therefore intended to give participants a good and compact overview of the topic of digital campaign planning. In particular, the differences to international approaches will be highlighted.

In the Digital Campaigns module, the most important terminology from the Digital Marketing Basics module is repeated. In particular, the module looks at the digital strategy and planning process. The individual steps in the process are discussed. These go from briefing, goals and KPIs, target group determination, targeting and tracking, as well as the final reporting. Due to the good mix between theory and practical examples, the content discussed in theory can be perfectly processed in real examples.

Due to the building modules, the target group for the module is a career changer or also an already experienced marketing manager with work experience in classic marketing. The content ensures that all stakeholders are informed about their marketing goals and expectations. This prepares everyone to come up with creative ideas without hindrance.


Millad Shahini

Media & Brand Management, Allianz

E-Mail is one of the oldest digital communication channels and still relevant in communication.

As a company, we are able to enter into dialogue with our customers, partners and interested parties in a targeted manner. To achieve this, we use the EVA principle (input – processing – output).

The newsletter offers a variety of personalization and automation options. This allows us to reduce the ongoing workload while maintaining relevance for the user.

Another relevant area in e-mail marketing is the choice of mailing software. Functions such as target group management, dispatch, advertising material processing and automation options must be examined. The choice wants to be well-considered, because a later change can lead to high transfer costs.

Quality assurance before each dispatch is indispensable for professional e-mail marketing. Fortunately, we have a wide range of tools to help us with this.

With e-mail marketing via external databases and address marketers, it is possible to achieve high coverage with efficient pricing. The targeting options are comprehensive and include socio-demographics as well as interest clusters or B2B factors.

In this course, we take a holistic view of email marketing. The areas covered include lead generation, data protection, internal email marketing in companies, cooperation with address publishers & all relevant key figures and their optimization possibilities.


Dominik Paulsteiner


In the module “performance marketing” the question of where this area can be classified in marketing and what role it plays in it is clarified at the beginning. In addition, the most important areas of performance marketing will be discussed, and an overview will be given.
Participants will also be introduced to the data-based user-centric target group approach. In performance marketing, we try to reach the right person at the right time with the right message, no matter where they are.
The following two areas will be discussed in more detail:

SEA (Search Engine Advertising): SEA refers to paid advertisements within (Google) search. One addresses potential customers who are searching for a certain keyword. These keywords are defined beforehand in the campaign. The aim is to reach the user with the right message and lead him to the respective website, where he can get information, orientation or buy something.

Social Media Advertising: Social media channels have become an integral part of most people’s lives. Social media is also an essential market for advertisers, as potential customers can be reached optimally through the various targeting options. In the performance marketing module, the advertising opportunities on these platforms will be discussed in more detail.

All contents of the module are independent of markets and countries. This enables participants to apply the knowledge they have built up globally.


Sabrina Fercher

Head of Performance, iProspect

Each media market has its special characteristics. In the „Austrian Media Market“ module we will focus on the Austrian online news landscape.

Furthermore, we will present individual pages, that impress with their remarkable reach, target groups or advertising opportunities.
Another important point will be the introduction of advertising networks (AdNetworks), their potentials and positioning in the market.

Of course, we will also explain what distinguishes the Austrian media market and how he differs from other markets.

After this unit you will know which websites and marketers exist, what role they play in the market and you will know the particularities of the Austrian media market.

The speaker is Mr. Eugen Schmidt, who has been active in the media and marketer side in the Austrian digital landscape for over 20 years and is head of the OVK online marketer circle.


Eugen Schmidt

CEO, AboutMedia

DATES 2022

Please note that the workshop will only take place if at least 10 participants are joyning. Dates and more information will be provided shortly.

Module 1tbcDigital Marketing BasicsElemer Melik
Module 2tbcDigital Marketing Campaign PlanningMillad Shahini
Module 3tbcE-Mail MarketingDominik Paulnsteiner
Module 4tbcPerformance Marketing, SEA, Social MediaSabrina Fercher
Module 5tbcAustrian Media MarketEugen Schmidt