Kandidatur George Nimeh

CEO NIMEH & Partners GmbH

Mitgliederkategorie: Agenturen

Kandidatur: Vorstandsmitglied


25 years digital leadership roles including Red Bull, New York Times, KURIER, and now NIMEH & Partners. TEDx Speaker. Winner IAB Webad and multiple international awards. Leidenschaftlicher Wahlwiener.

Visionen und persönliche Vorhaben im IAB Vorstand. Konkrete Ziele für die aktuelle Vorstandsperiode:

I want to help IAB Austria break out of the membership circle and deliver more value to members. We can do this together. We can raise awareness of the IAB with „the mainstream“ via better marketing, content marketing, case studies, interviews, and member support. I’d like to push and lead that effort.

Bisherige Leistungen und Errungenschaften für bzw. innerhalb des IAB:

Winner: IAB webAD (best mobile campaign for Hofer), shortlist for IKEA. Frequent meetings and conversations with IAB members and the board. I think it’s time to effect changes from within instead of from outside.


25+ years digital marketing and advertising experience (10+ in Austria) on both the client and agency side of the business. I keep a close eye on new trends, technology, and marketing strategy.